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Resident Care Director Job Description

As a resident care director, you will be the head of a resident care facility. You will oversee the staff and residents of the institution. You will also be required to manage the operations of the facility, including the safety, medical and business aspects of the resident care facility.


Your role as a resident care director is to act as the manage of incoming and current residents of the facility. You will have to assess the needs of the new and old residents as well. The residential care director will supervise the operations and programs of the resident care facility and keep track of the records for residents. Supervising medication consumption is another role of this position.

Additional Tasks

Other tasks that you may find yourself doing as a care director includes looking after the staff of the facility. You are responsible for hiring new members of the staff, assigning mentors and monitoring the progress of work. Scheduling meetings and acting as a disciplinary is another role you'd have to play. Keeping track of staff recommendations and feedback is also a part of your job.


To become a director at a care facility, you will need to obtain certificate as a residential nurse or licensed practical nurse abiding by your state's regulations. You can also acquire a degree -- each employer is different; some may require just a certificate, while others may want a degree.


Since you would be responsible for the residents and staff at the resident care facility, you will have to have compassion and kindness. Computer skills may also be required, especially since documentation software is likely to be used.


As of January 2010, the median salary for resident care directors was around $67,000 annually. The salary you receive will be dependent upon the years of experience you have, along with the area you live in and the education you have in the field.
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